Gluten Free Kids Menu on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Traveling to Virginia Beach, or any beach is not always that easy with children. Throw in semilac disease or gluten intolerance and yourabbey_Road_Restaurant_is_Gluten_free choices for safe food go down drastically. Abbey Road will give you one of the largest gluten free kids menus AND one of the largest gluten free menus in Hampton Roads.

In fact just about the entire kids menu is offered Gluten Free

Reliable Gluten Free: No Cross Contamination

Gluten free to some restaurants means the item is gluten free. Unfortunately it gets cooked on appliances or with utensils that have touched gluten. This means the gluten protein could be getting into your child’s food. Abbey Road uses separate everything so there is no cross contamination between gluten and non gluten free dishes.

Child Appropriate

Here is the kids menu at Abbey Road

Food for young adults or older kids

Kids Menu for 12 and under, please.

Gluten free bread adds 1.25 and Gf fried items add $1.  Ask your server.


Served with potato chips & pickle

Gluten free bread adds $1.25.

Ask your server.

Kid’s Abbey Burger       4.99

Gf upon request w/sliced bread add $1.25

Grilled Cheese Gf add $1.25 ….. 2.99 PB & J, 100% all natural

Gf upon request add $1.25     2.99


Soft Drinks, one refill, Juice  1.99

Milk & Chocolate Milk  1.99

Hot Chocolate 1.99

“I’m Happy Just to Dance With You…”


Served with Fries or Broccoli

Gluten free add $1. Ask your server.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese       3.49

Flounder, fried or broiled

Gf fried upon request add $1 … 7.99

Fried Butter flied Shrimp

Gf upon request add $1  8.49

Chicken Tenders Gf add $1    5.99

Side Orders

Applesauce, French Fries, Red Potatoes – All Gf Onion Rings     1.99

What about older kids or kids who want adult food?

We have one of the most versatile menus, both in terms of offering all types of dishes and all types of gluten free dishes. This includes comfort favorites like burgers and steaks to more elaborate dishes with seafood or a gourmet touch.

Family Appropriate Atmosphere with Craft Beer, mixed drinks, and wine.gluten_free_oceanfront_restaurant

Abbey Road is designed like an old English style pub. Our bar specializes in craft beer. It is perfect for the parents who want a drink but in a family restaurant that is young person friendly as well.

Come check us out for yourself