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When your good people take notice…

Abbey Road Pub was featured on WTKR for Virginia Beach Restaurant Week. Our combination of Beatles memorabilia with quality food makes us a restaurant destination for Virginia Beach locals and visitors alike.

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Virginia Beach Restaurant Week: Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant 
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Best Cheeseburger in Virginia Beach


Making the perfect Virginia Beach Cheeseburger


Our cheeseburger is one of our most popular items at Abbey Road Restaurant. Our Virginia Beach burger customers, like any Americans, seek out the most flavorful creation to satisfy that craving for a burger. We pride ourselves on our burgers and it is a staple for Virginia oceanfront tourists and Virginia Beach locals alike.

Like so many quintessential American creations, there are lots of ideas on how to do it. These range from how to choose the meat, to dimpling the burger to allow it to cook properly. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path to burger bliss.

The magic is in the meat

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Well the right meat is a huge part of a stellar cheeseburger. That is universal, whether you just walked over from the Marjac to enjoy a bacon burger or you live in Alaska. The meat gives the aroma, the texture, the flavor. One unknown trick of great burger making is:

Virginia Beach Burger

Use multiple cuts of beef


Yes this is time consuming and expensive but it is the blend of cuts of beef that move you from average to great Abbey Road quality burger. These include:


  • Brisket
  • Sirloin
  • Chuck
  • Short ribs

and don’t forget to leave it a little fatty because fat= flavor. You will probably have to ask the butcher for help with this blending but it is worth it.

The preparation


Indent. No this is not an editor note that didn’t get erased before being published. Always indent the patty. This will help your burger keep its shape when it is cooking. Indent does not mean smash the patty into a pulp. With that kind of smashing you can kiss the flavor goodbye.
Here in Virginia Beach the art of making Hampton Roads Best Cheeseburger is not lost. At Abbey Road it is one of our more popular items. Very much for some of the reasons mentioned above, many of which are guarded secrets.

Burger Pet Peeves


Here is a list of things we do not do and you shouldn’t do if you want a great cheeseburger. I call these the beach burger unthinkables

The Beach burger unthinkables…

Meat that comes from a tube

that sounds disgusting. Don’t even think about it. I doubt it is all real food anyway

Cheese that is just placed unmelted on the burger

Cheese has flavor and if you melt it that flavor is released

Abbey Road Cheeseburger

Neglecting bacon as one of your favorite add ons

This really isn’t anything bad but bacon makes anything better

Grilling into a char crisped brillo pad

A little pink in a burger is flavor. Grilling the life out of your burger will leave it flavorless

Using the cheapest pre made patties you can find

Garbage in, Garbage out. Cheap meat is never a good tihng

Don’t mash that patty

Grease could splatter and all the flavor gets pressed out when you do this

Try The Best Cheeseburger at Abbey Road Restaurant in Virginia Beach


You can of course go to your Virginia Beach Food lion, Farm Fresh, or Harris Teeter and the ingredients mentioned. You can spend hours seasoning and pressing the meat. You can use a digital thermometer to make sure the meat is the right temperature or you can visit us on Pacific avenue on the Oceanfront and let us do the work for you at Abbey Road.